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Sadık & Sadık is an independent and a boutique law firm based in Istanbul, Turkey. With its experienced team, Sadık & Sadık provides legal advisory services to national and foreign corporations, local and international banks, public companies, investment funds, brokerage and asset management companies, venture capitals, individuals and start-ups, in the fields of banking and finance, securities and capital markets, corporate, commercial and employment laws.

Our firm is highly qualified and skilled in advising public companies in their daily operations particularly about their regulatory filings, corporate governance activities, reporting and disclosure requirements and securities offerings and also, highly specialized in different types of loan and security transactions, alternative financing models and financial and regulatory compliance matters affecting client’s business. We regularly advise and support our clients in their investments, strategies, and day-to-day operations.

At Sadık & Sadık, we have an extensive network of CPAs, bankers, local and international law firms. 




Serra Sadık Hızıroğlu is the managing partner of 

Sadık & Sadık. Prior to joining the firm

in early 2020, she has worked at top tier

banks and reputable law firms in Istanbul

for close to two decades.





Nuri Sadık is the founder and senior partner

of Sadık & Sadık Law Firm. He has provided legal advisory services to companies operating in the sectors

of bank, logistics, construction, food and beverage,

real estate, textile and automotive

since 1975.




As a local law firm with a global perspective, we placed diversity and inclusion at the center of our firm’s working policies. We respect for different backgrounds and different thoughts, and we embrace diverse workforce which enhances a working environment of cooperation, respect and mutual understanding of one another.

We are committed to create and maintain an inclusive environment at Sadık & Sadık that allows everyone to reach their full potential. We believe diversity and inclusion enhances our legal practice as diverse teams create more effective solutions and help us achieve better results.

We’re All In on diversity, equity and inclusion.


Sadık & Sadık has always demonstrated a firm commitment to social responsibility, particularly through the provision of pro-bono legal services.

We are committed to providing pro-bono legal services to those in need across our many communities. We provide these services as a responsibility to our profession and as a civic duty to the communities in which we live and work. Our pro-bono mission is to deliver high-level legal services to the vulnerable members of our society by fostering an environment that encourages and promotes service. It is a fundamental part of who we are and it is critically important to those whom we help. We collaborate with our community network to expand the reach of our pro-bono efforts.


Our values indicate who we are and how we conduct our relationships with our clients and form the foundational principles of our law firm and what we stand for.

We build our practice on a client-centered approach. Our objective is to deliver result-oriented and best quality legal solutions tailor-made to our clients’ requirements within the selected areas of practice.

We are always accessible and responsive to our clients.

We act with integrity, not just doing things right but doing the right thing.

We leverage technical, industrial, and legal knowledge to provide hands-on service for our clients.

We aim building long-lasting relationships based on trust with clients, colleagues, and third-party providers.


Established in 1975 by Nuri Sadık, Sadık & Sadık is a trusted law firm advising clients on Turkish law. The firm has been providing

high-quality legal services in the fields of corporate and commercial laws and dispute resolution for over 45 years. Clients include companies operating in a wealth of sectors such as construction, food and beverage, textile and automotive.

Serra Sadık Hızıroğlu, joined the firm as a managing partner in early 2020, having had a career for 15 years at leading banks and prestigious law firms in Istanbul. Serra combined her expertise and know-how which she has gained in the selected practice areas

of law until today with the firm and continues providing legal consultancy services to the clientele of

Sadık & Sadık with focus on impact and excellence.

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